🔥 A fork of Mastodon Glitch Edition (https://github.com/glitch-soc/mastodon) for the Monsterpit instance. https://monsterpit.net
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Monsterpit is a community of creatures and critters / For those who love monsters to be monsters they love. / Whether fur, scale, or skin; whether plural or ‘kin– / If you don’t feel quite human, come! / You’ll fit right on in.

Monsterfork is a… well… fork of Glitch-Soc used on Monsterpit. It focuses on adding a monstrous number of community features with wild abandon along with improved accessibility, better moderation tools, and more user privacy options.

Non-exhaustive feature list




  • Sharekeys
  • Self-destructing posts
  • Optional public profile pages and ActivityPub outbox
  • Option to limit the length of time posts are avaiable


  • Media descriptions shown as captions in UI by default
  • High-contrast visibility icons by default
  • UI element size and spacing options


  • Respect “don’t @ me”
  • All threads can be muted

Anxiety reduction


  • Delayed posts
  • Queued boosts
  • Formatting (BBdown, BBcode, Markdown, HTML, console, plain)
  • Arbitary attachments


  • Scoped tags (#monsters.kobolds, #local.minotaur.den #self.drafts)
  • Unlisted tags (#.hidden)
  • Retroactive tagging (#!parent:tag:art)
  • Out-of-body tags
  • Glitch-Soc bookmarks as a tag (#self.bookmarks)


  • Users can add their own custom emoji
  • Emoji can be imported from other posts (#!parent:emoji) or threads (#!thread:emoji)
  • Post importing from other ActivityPub software (currently text only)


  • Additional policies (force unlisted, force sensitive, reject unknown)
  • Moderator bangtags (#!admin:silence, #!admin:suspend, #!admin:reset, …)
  • New admin transparancy log system, posted under a tag
  • Domain policy comments and list (https://instance.site/policies)


  • Graylist-based federation by default
  • Domain suspensions include subdomains
  • Can block malicious servers by ActivityPub object propreties
  • Tools to block resource requests (see /dist)