9929 Commits (master)

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  multiple creatures b19ab01233 spot-fix more `arachnea` contrast bugs 9 hours ago
  multiple creatures 151b7afa10 confirm missing media descriptions by default 9 hours ago
  multiple creatures 11dedcd2d6 css gods please just make these dang theme readable ;_; 1 day ago
  multiple creatures 019a29c65f yep it's more arachnia theme adjustments 2 days ago
  multiple creatures 8271b7ba9f more arachnia contrast adjustment 2 days ago
  multiple creatures 411237dee1 aaaaa too many highlights - tone it down a lil bit 2 days ago
  multiple creatures c23ce863ef limit animations in dt themes 2 days ago
  multiple creatures 20010fa261 another round of adjusting arachnea colors 2 days ago
  multiple creatures 88fa00c35a split db pruning off into its own scheduled job 2 days ago
  multiple creatures 1c5ff0ec10 prevent gap removal option from breaking columns 2 days ago
  multiple creatures caec7b5ca7 fix custom filter logic 2 days ago
  multiple creatures 32e37245fa janitor - allow retries, `@account_ids -> @exclude_ids`, remove unneeded `uniq` calls 3 days ago
  multiple creatures a283127dcf use default sidekiq options for `LogWorker` 3 days ago
  multiple creatures d835197fb8 use default sidekiq options for `DomainBlockWorker` 3 days ago
  multiple creatures 87136f77d7 privacy - require authentication on all timeline endpoints to make life difficult for fediverse archivers 3 days ago
  multiple creatures 92616f265c use arachnia for the default theme 3 days ago
  Blackle Mori 0f84a7174c Fix linear gradient colour on collapsed statuses in a few skins 5 days ago
  multiple creatures f9eaffc790 relax the the media proxy rate limit when logged in (now with 300% more relaxation) 5 days ago
  multiple creatures d2eb644d45 apply custom filters and cws to search + remove unused es search methods 5 days ago
  multiple creatures f40c6dbc93 handle custom cws when a filter has the `entire thread` option set 5 days ago
  multiple creatures 14cf223041 only drop posts matching a custom filter when the filter has no cw override set 5 days ago
  multiple creatures 7bbcf793bc custom filters now have an option to add or override content warnings; filter caching has been fixed 5 days ago
  multiple creatures f783ec279d allow out-of-body mentions 5 days ago
  multiple creatures f54329f9d6 alias `quit` bangtag to `part` + `part:reply-guy-mode` egg 5 days ago
  multiple creatures 7ce8751692 fix arachnia & seadrake media padding 5 days ago
  multiple creatures e8a5c9a972 fix arachnia & seadrake colors 5 days ago
  multiple creatures 18e727efdf don't bother searching if term is empty 5 days ago
  multiple creatures bbb025be69 add ability to search own posts by prepending `me:` to searches 5 days ago
  multiple creatures 5ae918d968 add cw to moderation bangtags if missing 5 days ago
  multiple creatures ad81a82ea4 initial fixes of orctober colors 5 days ago
  multiple creatures c8a9f38bcd initial fixes of tentacle colors 5 days ago
  multiple creatures b4b6f39c87 fix padding on orctober & tentacle themes 5 days ago
  multiple creatures 903cabc4b2 fix the header padding 5 days ago
  multiple creatures cc3cf7b606 `target_account.user` -> `target_account` 5 days ago
  multiple creatures e2e0eddda7 fix err 500 when someone attempts to follow someone they're already following 5 days ago
  multiple creatures b6b5bae72c fix err 500 when trying to read `identity_proofs` from a non-existant account 5 days ago
  Lumb c19fc4cf9b remove negative margins for direct messages and boosts in timeline 6 days ago
  multiple creatures a06f8140d9 handle interactions on sharekeyed posts when both participants are local; allow faving sharekeyed posts 6 days ago
  multiple creatures 6d026c5007 fix accidental rename 1 week ago
  Lumb c9dc797ef2 remove negative margin 1 week ago
  multiple creatures 8a7605e502 fix interaction buttons on public pages 1 week ago
  multiple creatures 2a41140dc7 ...and a different newline syntax too. 1 week ago
  multiple creatures 1cdf37da83 Gitea uses a different Markdown quote syntax. 1 week ago
  multiple creatures 0ea96118af Finally add a proper README. 1 week ago
  multiple creatures eac4369868 all i am saaaaaaaaaying / is use up less raaaaaaam 1 week ago
  multiple creatures 5f08b96cbe broadcast monsterfork as such 1 week ago
  multiple creatures b2d0389fea transparancy log - automatically add a content warning if there are admin comments; support a custom `subject` 1 week ago
  multiple creatures 8c196e70b1 transparancy log - do not direct link to domains 1 week ago
  multiple creatures e466f9c2ce janitor - add db & media pruning job 1 week ago
  multiple creatures d8156acb06 update yarn.lock 1 week ago